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Where the kids LIVE when they're at home

We’ve been dying to post the kids’ room and finally it’s presentable enough to make public. Of all the transformations in the house, this one is not only the most dramatic, but is also the most loved and lived in.

When we originally saw the house, the layout of the two extra bedrooms was key in making it work for our four-kid combo pack. The one larger room (16′ x 13′) would become a boys’ sleeping nook and kids’ play room and the smaller room (8′x 6′) would be for the girls to sleep in (and also meets their very important girlie privacy needs).

Kids' Room - Before

The original room had the same lovely linoleum as the master bedroom and a drop ceiling like the kitchen. A former kitchenette from a long ago apartment had been closed off and turned into the strangest closet you’ve ever seen (13′ wide x 3 1/2′ deep with a 28″ door in the wall to get to it). This space would become the boys’ sleeping nook and closet.

The door to the old closet
The demolished closet
New closet, in progress with sleeping nook, left
Painting the boys' sleeping nook

We did a lot of demo in this room, including the exterior wall and ceiling to add insulation. The floors came out revealing more linoleum which we left, installing wall to wall Berber carpet over top. We chose not to level the floors in the upstairs due to time constraints and pushing it off until later down the road when the kids move out. They like to spend all their spare time in the new space. Who wouldn’t? They have their own iMac, art gallery, a TV where they play Wii and do TV stuff, they play games, do their homework and have a cozy sofa for curling up and reading. On any given evening, we grown-ups are downstairs making dinner and the kids will all be upstairs: playing Lego, drawing, goofing and chasing around. It’s their own little universe made just for them and is a BIG reason why our tiny house works.

Boys' sleeping nook
We bought this artwork for the kids' room because the characters reminded us of the four of them
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