The counter Jeff set up on the blog is counting down the hours, days and minutes until we are the owners of 112.  Last night I couldn’t sleep, thinking about all the things to do between now and Tuesday, after Tuesday, and into infinity.  Sheep were not an option.  The next thing I knew, this TV commercial was going through my head and I had to laugh.


We have an ongoing debate, Jeff and I, about what ketchup to have around the house.  I buy only organic, he buys only Heinz – me because of pesticides, he because he fancies there’s a family connection.  Amazingly, Heinz introduced an organic ketchup, and they now have it in our small urban grocery store, saving us the potential conflict of a dual ketchup household when we move into 112.  Jeff takes his ketchup VERY seriously, right up there with not eating Dunkin Donuts because it’s not Donut Pub (he and the kids hold their breath any time they walk by one).  He occasionally has mid-life fantasies (unrealized) about getting a tattoo but can’t decide what he wants.  How about this one Jeff?

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