Robert Wood is in the house!

J:  So, to my surprise this painting is the basement of our new house (just as it was in the living room when I was growing up).  What can I say.  Just had to buy it.  :)

E:  In the game of ‘nothing happens by chance’,  finding the same painting on the wall of a home you are buying that hung in the house you grew up in is no small coincidence (even if they did make a million prints of it).  Like he said, we had to buy it!

Robert Wood

“In the late 1940s and early 1950s, Robert W. Wood maintained a home in the art colony of Woodstock, New York. He seems to have discovered the Catskill mountains hamlet early in the century, and had began painting there by 1930. In the years after World War II Wood purchased a home there. By some accounts he and his second wife Tula lived in Woodstock together, but according to the dealer Larry Kronquist, who knew him during that time, there was another relationship – possibly a brief marriage – to a woman named Rose, who ultimately followed him back to Laguna Beach, where she was still living in the early 1980s.”

“It was during this period that Wood began having his most famous works published, working with companies who printed inexpensive color reproductions of works by both contemporary artists and the Old Masters. It was Wood’s paintings of the changing seasons around Woodstock that seem to have captivated the public, and his reproductions were immediately popular. The most successful of Robert Woods’ Catskill scenes, “October Morn,” sold more than one million copies in less than two years for the Donald Art Company. Across America, homes, offices and motel rooms were decorated with his reproductions. These inexpensive paper prints made Robert Wood the most famous American landscape painter of his era.”

“Wood’s rustic studio in Woodstock was located out in the forest, surrounded by maples and elms and a quiet brook. He immortalized this rustic setting in hundreds of paintings, especially ones that depicted the bold colors of autumn. In his artistic oeuvre there are also many depictions of the Catskill Mountains’ landscape enveloped in snow, as well as spring compositions with lilacs and blooming apple trees.”

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  1. Daryl Redfield

    I bought a Robert Wood painting at a garage sale 23 years ago. I still have it, Autumn Leaves 1959. It reminds me of the landscape on my grandparents farm where I used to go lay and relax, during and after the rough times of my divorce, to get away from everything. My grandparents have passed on and the landscape has changed a lot, but it brings me serenity when I look at it on my wall still!!

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