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We’re gearing up for the next big renovation – adding a new living room/great room to the back of the house and we *hope* a bedroom upstairs and/or a finished basement.  I’ve been spending some time on Pinterest – ok, maybe a LOT of time – looking at images of fireplaces and dreaming of finally having one. There’s nothing like that mesmerizing feeling you get from staring into a fire and all six of us are starved for some of it. We used some of our Christmas money from the grandparents to buy an outdoor fire pit we’ve become addicted to (winter s’mores – yum!) and having one indoors would be amazing.  As we meet with architects and dream of how we want the room to look what’s really on our mind is, “What will the fireplace look like and will it be done in time for Christmas?”

We’re especially drawn to fireplaces with built-in seating, shelves and wood storage – blame it on the urban urge to fit everything into a compact, efficient space.  Some also have windows in their design.   Our favorites are simple, modern and ‘elemental’ – reducing fire to it’s essence.

Love the cozy light from the window and the simple mantel. Who wouldn’t want to curl up in that chair with a book (or iPad)?

Such a stunning use of Tom Dixon’s ‘Beat’ lights and a nice cozy bench I can picture laying on, soaking up the fire’s warmth.  It’s nice the way the wall is out over the fireplace creating a large horizontal opening.


Stacked wood creates a nice visual composition and a stone slab makes a simple hearth